Our hospital which has 43.368 square metre space for use was opened as a Social Security Institution Hospital with capacity of 1100 beds in 1993. It continued to serve as an hospital with 385 beds since the decision to use the bulding collectively with Medical Faculty Hospital of Kocaeli University in 1996.  After 17.08.1999 Marmara earthquake, at first we have provided health services in prefabrique buildings for some times, and later as a result of moving of Kocaeli University to its new bulding, have continued to serve health services in the Rotary building except administrative departments. Our hospital which was handed over to Health Ministry İn according to law numbered 5283, has got Derince Public Hospital name as of 19.02.2005. After completion of restoration works of the main building and annexed buildings which had been unuseable condition due to 17.08.1999 Marmara Earthquake, our polyclinics  in 20 April 2007and other departments in 11 february 2008 were transfered into their places.
 hospital which has an understanding that to to provide the best health service to patients, has been the first hospital that has quality certificate of ISO 9001-2000 in Kocaeli Province on 10.06.2004 thanks to efforts of the hospital’s administration. İn Addition, As of 2006, physician choise practice has been implementing. With the decission of Ministry hospital’s name has been calling Kocaeli Derince Training and Research Hospital since 05.08.2008.As of 01.06.2015, It has total 307 doctors which consist of 19 Assoc.Prof.Doctors, 15 Chief Assistants, 188 Specialized Doctors, 72 Assistants and 13 General Practitioners. While it serves more than one million patients a year, with 45 seperate  branches amounted to 160 polyclinics, it also provides health service to  3.550 inpatients with its 669 beds capacity.İt has emergency center which serves average 1.200 patients a day.